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Lights Camera Action

We recently helped some acting graduates shoot some dialog and portfolio shots.

LockdowN through a lens

Temmy got out and about with his camera during lockdown, once a day, walking alone.

for giggles

Here we share our own little projects, moments where the guys just pick up the camera and shoot, short stories and the general hijinks. 

Project management told me to create something that speaks to everyone about anything. I asked for creative notes and they said they liked "Catch Me If You Can".

I said that was a bit insensitive in 2020. They didn't reply, so here's the ad for everybody and nobody. 

Temmy, May 2020.

After last time, project management realised they needed to be more specific as it was a very broad brief. 


"Like last time, but make it for all kinds of food service and hospitality businesses."


Temmy, May 2020.

We've done several presentations, annual reports and summary videos for clients before, so this one is for you guys!

Temmy, June 2020.

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